12 Best Healthy Tips For Hair

healthy hairs
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Healthy Tips For Hair

healthy hairs

To have beautiful hair, it is not enough to shampoo regularly and go to the hairdresser every 3 months. First and foremost, you have to learn some habits in order to have healthy hair. We have best healthy tips for hair.

Having healthy hair is a matter of habit and daily maintenance. By having a balanced diet and nourishing your hair with the right products, you can already be sure to improve the texture of your hair. But there are other ways to get good results. Here, for example, are our tips for having healthy hair.

In addition to nourishing them from the inside and the outside, to have healthy and resistant hair, you have to be very careful of the chemicals found in hair products, which weaken and dull the hair.

If there is one thing that we envy about celebrities, it’s their appearance, impeccable in all situations. Beyond image retouching or camera tricks, we would all like to have someone’s skin, hair, or figure.

In this article, we are going to explain to you how to have strong and healthy hair like in the advertisements.


Tips For Healthy And Resistant Hair

Could you thread one of your hair through the eye of a needle as if it were a silk thread? And to have shiny, silky and natural hair at all times of the day?

You might think this is only within the reach of movie stars. However, there are several techniques to have healthy and strong hair like in advertisements and parades. Here are all our healthy tips for hair!


  1. Cut Off The Damaged Tipscut hair tips

As your hair grows, it becomes more fragile, especially at the ends, which is the oldest part.

Start by cutting a little (no more than 3 cm) then repeat the process according to the growth.

Remove the “unsightly” parts and your hair will be healthier.

Nothing is uglier indeed than split ends!


  1. Brush Everydaybrush hairs

Buy a brush with soft bristles and then try to brush your hair as soon as it gets wet to prevent breakage.

If you have very long hair, you can also brush before bed.

This will stimulate blood circulation to the scalp and the hair follicles will produce healthier strands.

There is only one forbidden: we forget the plastic brush, with metal pins. There is nothing worse for breaking hair that is already fragile. This is one of best healthy tips for hair.

For the rest, it all depends on the nature of your hair. A boar bristle brush is perfect for straight hair. Wavy hair will have no problem with a natural wood brush. As for very curly hair, either do not brush it, or use a wooden or horn comb with very wide teeth. Preferably before the shower or when the hair is still very wet.


  1. Know Your Hair Type

If you know the characteristics of your hair, then you will have the ability to choose the right beauty products.

A good assessment has three parts:

  • Density (abundant, medium or sparse)
  • Texture (thick or thin)
  • Strength (porosity, elasticity, hydration)


  1. Rinse With Cold Waterrinse hairs

Yes, even in winter. The final rinse when washing your hair should always be in cold water to allow the cuticles to close.

You will see that your hair will be more shiny and silky. In addition, this technique serves to make them grow faster.

Hot water, on the other hand, increases fat and breaks strands. When drying, you will see that your hair will be more split.


  1. Use Quality Productshair products

When we care about our hair, we avoid these two ingredients. Sulfates are the substances that make shampoo lather, but are aggressive on the scalp. If you have itching problems, this is to be avoided.

As for silicones, they give hair a shiny and neat appearance, but suffocate it enormously in the long run. It’s not for nothing that you find your hair flat just a day after shampooing, and why some colors don’t set.

There are alternatives to look for on the organic side, or washing powders like Shukokai. Many brands make great natural shampoos.

If the most famous brands do not guarantee quality, you can opt for products that match your hair type and provide good results.

We therefore advise you to test with organic cosmetic items that do not contain any chemical components. They are indeed better for your hair.


  1. Do Not Abuse The Hair Dryer Or Hair Straightener

Even if your straight hair looks gorgeous, cut down on drying and straightening.

Exposure to the heat of these elements indeed dries out the hair, making it opaque and lifeless. They are also more prone to breakage and split ends.

Better to use them for a particular event or on hot days so you don’t get wet hair out on the street.


  1. Massage Your Scalpmassage hairs

You can do this in the shower or while watching TV. This has many benefits.

Among the virtues of hair massage, we find:

  • The increased blood flow to the hair follicles.
  • Stress relief
  • Maintenance of the scalp

Try to massage yourself several times a week with essential oils. You will see the effects almost immediately.


  1. Don’t Abuse Chemicals

Like the heat from a hair dryer or straightener, chemicals are bad for the health of your hair.

This is the case with dyes and smoothing treatments (even if they are of good quality). Plus… your hair is much prettier with its natural color. Don’t change them!


  1. Avoid The Sun And The Pool

When summer and the holidays arrive, your hair is likely to become opaque and brittle. This is because of exposure to the sun, chlorine in swimming pool water, or sea salt.

We recommend that you use a swimming cap and, if possible, products that act as barriers against these harmful elements.


  1. Do Not Wash Them Excessively

We obviously use the right products, but the right actions are also essential. Ideally, we wash our hair as little as possible, two to three times a week at most.

We massage our heads well when we apply the shampoo, and above all, we rinse well before getting out of the shower, otherwise we end up with sticky hair. You can also finish with a final rinse with cold water to stimulate the bulb a little.

It takes several hours for the scalp and strands to be completely dry. In addition, the more you wash them, the less natural oils they contain and the more opaque they become.

The frequency of washing will depend on the type of hair and the time of year. Do not wash them every day, even in the summer.


  1. Eat A Healthy Diethealthy hair food

Hair is generally a good reflection of our health. A sick person unfortunately does not have dense and voluminous hair. By going less, you risk more hair loss if you do not eat properly.

Favor foods rich in zinc, magnesium, vitamin B, sulfur and potassium. Oats are a great food, as are wheat germ oil, pumpkin seeds, oily fish, or fresh garlic.

In addition to the care applied directly to the hair, it must also be nourished from the inside. It is therefore essential to eat in a balanced way and to add a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables to your dishes.

Dried fruits, vegetables and water cannot be missing from your diet.


  1. Do Not Tie Themtie hairs

Ponytails or udos break hair, especially if it’s too tight. In extreme cases, it can even lead to alopecia.

The famous ponytail is harmful to the health of our hair, just like braids or very elaborate hairstyles.

Better to wear them loose and not tie them up in certain situations such as, for example, during sport or if it is too hot.

Essential oils

Certain essential oils are known to take care of the hair or certain pathologies of the scalp. But be careful, you only need a few drops, always diluted in another product (hair oil, shampoo, and conditioner).

To take care of normal to dry hair, Ylang-Ylang essential oil is the most suitable. It smells very good and makes the hair shiny. If you don’t have one on hand, geranium essential oil has more or less the same properties.

For oily hair, three essential oils are known to curb the problem: Atlas cedar, Rosemary and Grapefruit. Just dilute two or three drops in a dose of shampoo.

For dandruff, we keep the essential oil of Atlas cedar, and we add essential oil of Palma Rosa, and essential oil of True Lavender or Tea Tree.

Finally, in the event of hair loss, the essential oil of clary sage is quite indicated, as well as the essential oils of grapefruit and ginger.


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