5 Best Lawn Mower Under $1500

5 Best Lawn Mower Under $1500
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Everyone wants to maintain his/her garden beauty so that it attracts everyone who sees it. Doing this is not a difficult task nowadays as with the invention of lawn mowers, this problem has been solved. You can find Best Lawn Mower Under $1500 from the market.

A lawn mower or grass cutter is machine which is designed to trim the grass to an even height. It contains one or more rotating blades for cutting.

We can grass to a fixed height as some mowers are designed for this purpose or we can adjust grass size in some mowers by using a single master lever or by a lever or nut and bolt that are fixed on each of the machine’s wheels.

Some mowers work manually because its blades are connected to the wheels. When we push the mower, these blades spin and cut the grass.

Some mowers work with the help of battery or plug-in electric motor. The most common power source for lawn mower is an internal combustion engine, which is self-contained power source.

Horsepower of a lawn mower?

First of all, you have to decide how much horsepower you want. The purpose of horsepower is to equalize the speed of the blade, the speed of the mower, and the blade rotation rate.

These lawn mowers are available within a range of 12 to 18 horsepower. If you have a large and open lawn then you should use greater horsepower so that it can assist you in finishing the work quicker.

Places to buy lawn mower?

A lawn mower can be bought from different avenues or markets. It can be bought from a dealer, garden store, department store, or home store.
If you want a used lawn mower, then you can buy it from an auction sale, a garage sale, or from an online garage sale.

So these lawn mowers can benefit you with a plenty of features. Have a look at the list of Best Lawn Mower Under $1500.

#1 Greenworks G-MAX 40V Brushed Mower

5 Best Lawn Mower Under $1500

Greenworks electric lawn mowers cordless are an ideal option for homeowners like you who are wishing to make their garden beautiful and attractive and simplifying and focusing on what is necessary to getting the most out of life as these are cordless outdoor power equipment.

These outdoor devices are designed with highly efficient motors and medium weight construction. It has a unique battery system that has capacity to charge more than 25 products and can also provide gas-like best performance.
Built with high-quality manufacturing products, so that’s why these are convenient to start and have lightweight than gas lawn mowers. This Best Lawn Mower Under $1500 has following salient features.


  • Brushed Pull Mower: This lawn mower is G-Max 40V 17-inch Brushed Pull Mower. It has a push button that makes it easy to start. This mower operates smoothly and produces less noise.
  • 4Ah Battery and Charger:  Its 40V battery life is up to approx. 2000 charges cycles and is suitable for 1/2 acre yard and provides up to 60 minutes running time. Features include on-board battery life indicator and lithium-ion technology.
  • Deck Size and Height: Having a 17-inch durable deck and single lever for 6-height adjustment. It provides rear bagging and covering capability for different uses with its 2-in-1 offer.
  • Storage and Maneuverability: Its folding handle facility provides compact storage.  Designed with perfectly durable plastic, which makes it lightweight and easy to maneuver with its 8-inch rear wheels and 7-inch front wheels.
  • Height Adjustment: With the help of single lever 5-position height adjustment, you can cut within a range of 1-1/4 inch to 3-3/8-inch that is best cut in all environments.
  • Dimensions: Lawn mower dimensions are 52.05” L x 19.21” W x 41” H.

  • Light weight
  • Easy to assemble
  • Maneuverability
  • Solid Performance
  • Uneven cutting
  • Excessive battery usage

#2 WORX 40V Power Share Lawn Mower

5 Best Lawn Mower Under $1500

The Worx 40V best power share lawn mowers 2020 are a best option for garden lovers. This 14-inch mower is equipped with 20V Max Lithium-ion 2 removable 4Ah batteries that has charge level indicators.

The additional torque is provided by its patented intellicut on demand. Having a capability to save battery when needed.
This amazing compact mower presents a fantastic 2-in-1 design that has a protecting cover, discharges bags and rear part and equipped with single lever to adjust cutting height.
Its grass bag includes a full indicators and over-sized carry handle to dispose garbage.

This Best Lawn Mower under $1500 includes wonderful features.


  • Dual Batteries: The 20V dual power share batteries give more runtime, power and gas-like performance. You don’t need to pay for fuel anymore when you need to cut the grass. It is cost-effective, smell better, and cleaner.
  • Patented Intellicut: This technology is best for thicker grass as when you need more power, just turn the knob. You will get more power/torque on demand.
    After that dial it back down to conserve your battery for when you really want it.
  • Foam Padded Handles: This facility is for easily grasping it so that you get less fatigue after cutting.
  • Cutting Height: Having an easy adjustment single lever so that you can choose between 3 cutting heights according to the season or look you desire for your lawn. It can mow up to 5500 sq. feet on a single charge.
  • Charge Indicators: Equipped with dual port charger with battery level indicators so that you can know that how much battery is remaining.

  • Surprisingly competent mower
  • Worth considering and easy to assemble
  • Great small lawn mower
  • User-friendly, easy to operate and maneuver
  • A little bit flimsy
  • Cheaply and poor product

#3 American 5-Blade Push Reel Lawn Mower

5 Best Lawn Mower Under $1500

The American 18” 4-spider and 5-blade Push Reel Lawn Mower is a fantastic solution for those who desire to keep their lawn simple and green.
Having a ball-bearing reel and adjustable cutting height system to make your yard according to your desire. Equipped with plated loop handle with a full-length foam grip for comfort and better maneuverability.
The knife-sharp tempered alloy steel blade, 10” wheels, 2” welded shrub bar, radial tires, and unbreakable steel side plate make this lawn mower durable and ideal for you.
This Best Lawn Mower under $1500 includes awesome features.


  • Solid and Easy to Use: This is solid, sharp and can be assembled in less than 10 minutes. Its comfortable cushioned handles make you yard work a lot easier. Moreover, it is also easy to store.
  • Cutting Height Adjustments: You can adjust cutting heights from ½ to 2-3/4 inch according to your need. It is an ideal option for cutting up to 4” tall grass.
    With its 18” cutting width, it trims the grass evenly in a scissor action cut to make your yard attractive.
  • Pollution and Noise Free: This lawn mower gives you with green options that are both quiet and emission-free. This is specially meant for protecting the environment.
    As it does not consume any fuel and not produce fumes, that’s why it is better for your health.
  • Lightweight and Versatile: It operates smoothly and quietly with a little handle vibration. Made with latest design, it is very lightweight and versatile and does the work well.
  • Years of Value: With its durable materials and best features, it is very safe to use and needs low maintenance.

  • Great reel mower
  • Super sharp
  • Cuts grass nicely
  • Leave the oil, gas and noise behind
  • Screw loose
  • Not good for really thick grass

#4 Sun Joe MJ408E-PRO Electric Lawn Mower

5 Best Lawn Mower Under $1500

This Brand Snow Joe + Sun Joe are specialized in making innovative outdoor devices so that your lawn gives an attractive look throughout the year, whether the sun is shining or snow is falling.
Their wide-ranging line of outdoor gears, such as lawn mowers, tillers, hedge clippers, and snow blowers, have a goal to make easy, simple, and quick your lawn work.
Get rid of fuel, deadly fumes, pull-cords, and costly tune-ups! Buy 12-amp electric MJ408E-PRO Electric Self Propelled Lawn Mowers as it is suitable for medium-sized yards.
It is the cleaner alternative to protect the air from pollution as it does the job with zero carbon emissions.
It starts instantly and a reliable, durable, and effortless device which has virtually zero maintenance, season after season. This Best Lawn Mower under $1500 includes superb features.


  • 20-Inch Blade: Having sharp and durable steel blade, which has 20” cutting width. It cuts evenly on each side with precision.
  • Height Control: Equipped with manual cutting height adjustment system, which has a convenient 7-position for maximum control and making your lawn according to your desire.
  • Grass Catcher: Featured with a movable 14.5 gallon collection bag on its back side for easy and instant disposal of the garbage.
  • Maintenance Free: As it does not use any fuel, so there is no tension for tune-ups and deadly fumes. That’s why, it requires a very low maintenance.
  • 5-amp Motor: Its powerful 13.5-amp motor helps you in gets the job done faster and it is ideal for mid-sized lawns.

  • Pretty full featured corded mower
  • Great mulching mower
  • Lightweight and easy maneuverability
  • Totally recommended
  • 2-year “Full warranty” is useless
  • Cheap manufacturing

#5 Great States 5-Blade Push Reel Lawn Mower

5 Best Lawn Mower Under $1500

Get the Great States 16” 5-blade Push Reel Lawn Mower and make your lawn mowing more efficient and easier.
You don’t need to worry about piercing noise that is teasing you and your neighbors as this Great States manual hand reel rotary mower is easy to congregate and let you to trim quietly and keep your lawn attractive.
Its comfortable handles are easy to grip and with this handle you can move around the mower conveniently. It operates smoothly and emits zero carbon that’s why it is pollution free and makes owning it an easy choice.
These mowers are ideal for today’s exciting lifestyles and small-sized lawns. This Best Lawn Mower under $1500 has following salient features.


  • Cutting Height: This manual mower trims evenly and quickly with its adjustable cutting height of 0. 5″-2. 5″.
  • Better Cut for Better Lawn: This mower has 16” cutting width and its blades are of high quality as these are made from heat-treated alloy steel for staying sharp longer.
    It trims the grass like a scissor action and precisely to make healthier and greener lawn. There is no tearing or ripping.
  • Easy to Use and Store: With its 5-blade ball bearing reel and 10” composite wheels, it becomes lightweight, easy to push and maneuver in any lawn.
    It is also easy to store as you can place it in your garage or hang it on the wall.
  • Low Maintenance and No Hassles: It starts with a push button and also is cordless. Needs low maintenance as it does not consumes any fuel or spark plugs.
    T-style cushioned grip handle also makes it easy to use. Clean and quiet way to maintain your yard.

  • Decent mower in affordable price
  • Wonderful and handy tool for your lawn
  • Eco-friendly and quiet
  • Works like a charm
  • Does not corner well, making it hard to get good turns in
  • Assembly instructions aren’t the greatest

What safety measures should I observe when using lawn mowers?

First of all, the most important safety measure amongst all is that you should use lawn mower for the sole purpose for which it is intended. You should never use electric and corded lawn mowers, in any situation, in the rain as it can spark. To prevent the electric cord from accidentally mowing with the grass, you should also use lawn mower in the opposite direction of the cord.

Can a lawn mower mow wet grass?

There are some lawn mowers available in market that have blades for mowing wet grass, but it is not recommended to do so. The reason is that mowing a wet grass is a very difficult task as compared to dry grass. When the grass is wet, the grasses stick together and mowing this wet grass may spoil the already wet soil. So it is advisable to wait until the grass has become dry before mowing on it.

How tall a field of grass can lawn mowers cut?

There are some lawnmowers that are specially meant for trimming long grass. Because they have capability to adjust the cutting height according to your desire. It is suggested that you should search those lawn mowers that are specifically built for trimming long grasses. Contrarily, if the grasses are too tall such as of knee-length or above, then you must use tractor lawn mower.

What should I pay for a used lawn mower?

First of all, you should research by observing at the features and prices of new lawn mowers, in this way you can set a realistic standard for buying used lawn mowers for your lawn. Redbum recommends that you should not pay more than 60% to 70% of retail price of a mower that is 2 or 3 years old and that is only when, if it is decent shaped mower.

How durable are the electric lawn mowers?

The electric lawn mowers can last for a long time, if you keep the desired maintenance practices and good user practices. Furthermore, the long-life of an electric lawn mowers depend on the diverse materials from which they are made. When its useful life is expired, then it is advisable to replace the old one with new lawn mower.


We conclude that these lawn mowers are ideal for those who have a lawn of more than half an acre and who don’t want to push the mower, instead they want a self-propelled one.

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5 Best Lawn Mower Under $1500
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