5 Best Most Powerful Electric Leaf Blower

5 Best Most Powerful Electric Leaf Blower
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“Clean your own yard first before asking others to clean theirs.” It is a well-known proverb. Everyone wants cleanliness in his home and lawn so that it attracts others when they see it. Since when autumn season comes, all the dry leaves on the trees fall and scatter everywhere in the lawn or when you cut the grass, it also disperses in the lawn. For this purpose, you must use Best Most Powerful Electric Leaf Blower as it stays away all the dry leaves from the lawn.

A leaf blower is device that is used in gardening to stay away debris such as grass cutting and dry leaves by releasing air out of a nozzle.
These blowers work with the help of electric or gasoline motors, but the most powerful are electric blowers. Leaf blowers are featured with a handheld units or a hanging backpack units with a handheld wand.
The second one are more ergonomic as they can be used for a long time. If a blower contains a larger unit then it is moved with a motor.

A Leaf Blower can be used for multipurpose such as for blowing vehicles and roads free from freshly fallen snow. You can also clear the areas of your property from light debris and dirt.

Some Leaf Blowers don’t require any cable as they are cordless. You can carry it anywhere in your garden or outside the lawn for cleaning.

What should I look for when buying an Electric Leaf Blower

Buying the Best Leaf Blower:

  • Handheld Leaf Blower: If you want a versatile, maneuverable, lightweight blower, then it is an ideal option for you as it is best for small lawn and porches.
  • Backpack Mounted Leaf Blower: If you need more powerful and longer battery life blower, then you should buy this one.
  • Walk Behind Leaf Blower: These blowers are suitable for blow away heavy paper, garbage or cardboard.
  • Battery: If you want an eco-friendly leaf blower and also want to get rid of smell, then you should buy electric leaf blower. They are available in decent battery life.
  • Corded: If you don’t have a battery and still you want an electric blower then you should buy corded blower.
  • Gas: These blowers have also power behind it on average but these are the loudest devices and require more maintenance.

Have a look at the list of 5 Best Most Powerful Electric Leaf Blower in 2020.

#1 WORX WG520 Corded Electric Leaf Blower

5 Best Most Powerful Electric Leaf Blower


The Worx corded electric Powerful Leaf Blower comes with patented jet engine technology that provides maximum blowing force. It can be used one-handed because of lightweight.
Having a hyper-stream air nozzle and turbine air speeds to 110 mph with a CFM of 600. The powerful fan technology in turbine provides high-capacity air volume to sweep away everything.
This ergonomic blower has 3 different power options according to your need. The salient features of this Best Most Powerful Electric Leaf Blower are given below.

Look and Design:

  • Turbine Fan Tech: The powerful fan technology with 600 CFM (600 cubic feet per minute) delivers a heavy and forceful flow of air that barrels out of its wide nozzle at 100 mph.
    You can sweep away large areas quickly with its strong path of air. Yet it is not so louder than gas blowers.
  • 2 Speeds for Different Jobs: Having a variable speed for various jobs.  You can go slowly for pavement or tight spaces (60 MPH @320 CFM).
    But for the large or open lawn, you can use speed 2 (110 MPH @600 CFM).
  • Hyper-Stream Air Nozzle: Equipped with attachable and hyper-stream air nozzle for toughest jobs in your lawn.
  • One-Handed Operation: This blower weighs only 6.4 lbs. and anyone can use it with just one hand.
    It is made in such a way that it pull air from the back and produces airflow directly down the tube and away from the handle. It does not waste energy or motion, that’s why it can be controlled one-handed.
  • Extension Cord Retainer: It comes with electrical cord retainer. So when you use an extension cord, it cannot disconnect or get knotted.
  • Powerful leaf blower
  • Quieter than others
  • Durable blower
  • Variable speed is great
  • Unit stops working after sometimes
  • Horrible design

#2 Toro 51619 Ultra Electric Leaf Blower

5 Best Most Powerful Electric Leaf Blower


Toro brand presents ultra-electric Best leaf blowers vac that is most powerful and versatile to fulfill all you lawn cleansing needs. Featured with variable speed controller and a rugged metal impeller.
It is built for sweeping any space. Its forceful airflow stay away heavy dirt, debris, and leaves. It changes rapidly to an aggressive vacuum without any device and lessens 88% of mulched debris to less than 1/2”.
It is attached with new bottom-zip vacuum bag’s zipper for ease of use and durability. This blower has 2-year full warranty. Enjoy the awesome features of this Best Most Powerful Electric Leaf Blower.

Look and Design:

  • Metal Impeller: Equipped with new larger metal impeller that delivers more power and improves mulching.
  • 3 Machines in 1: It is available in powerful 250 mph air speed, leaf shredder, and high speed vacuum. Also attached with power insert, vacuum tube, cord storage hook, and concentrator nozzle.
  • Variable Speed: It has variable speed so that you can better control both blower and vac modes.
  • Top Rated Air Horse Power: This is for only comparison purpose. The performance claims based on controlled laboratory testing.
  • Quick-Release Latch: This function allows you to change your blower into vacuum in seconds without any tools.
  • Built-in Cord Lock: This is a lock that lets you to keep connected the cord with the blower or vac. It has 350 CFM blow mode and 410 CFM Vac mode.
  • Cord Storage Hook:  It provides maximal power to sweep away all the dirt and debris such as sticks and leaves.
  • 88% Reduction: It has a facility to lessen 88% mulched debris into less than 1/2″. This reduction changes with material type and its condition.
  • Easy Storage: You can easily store its all components by stuffing it into the vacuum bag and hanging it on the wall.

  • Flexible blower
  • Decent and reasonable price
  • Highly recommended
  • Ideal for small lawns
  • Very poor bag zipper quality
  • Ineffective for damp and wet leaves

#3 Toro 51621 Ultra-Plus Electric Leaf Blower

5 Best Most Powerful Electric Leaf Blower


Toro ultra-plus leaf blower is the highest performing blower of this brand. Its leaf shredding performance and time-saving feature has been improved.
Equipped with patented shreds-all shred ring and metal impeller to lessen 97% mulched debris into less than 1/2″.
Having a nozzle kit that swings and sweeps the air back and forth to make a spacious blowing channel on hardscapes without changing the wrist.
Featured with main blower tube for dry leaves, power insert for wet heavy leaves, concentrator for use in crevices and corners, cord storage hook that store the cord by coiling it around storage hook, and bottom-zip vacuum bag that is used for storing all components of blower/vac.
Debris reduction depends on the material used and its condition. This Best Most Powerful Electric Leaf Blower has following amazing features.

Look and Design:

  • Superior Blowing: It has maximal blowing and mulching power that is approved by controlled laboratory testing.
    Also having shreds-all shred ring that with the help of metal impeller lessens up to 97% of mulched debris into less than 1/2 inch.
  • Most Powerful: This blower is very powerful up to 250 mph. It also has 350 CFM blow mode and 410 CFM Vac mode.
  • Variable Speed Control:  Featured also variable speed so that you can better control both blower and vac modes.
  • 3 in 1 Machine: It is powerful blower, leaf shredder, and high speed vacuum. It includes vacuum tube, cord storage hook, time-saving swinging tube.
  • Bag: It comes with a bag that is used to collecting leaf particles not dust. This blower requires air stream to work properly.

  • Great value and easy to use
  • Powerful metal impeller
  • Picks up and mulches redwood needles
  • Easy to carry
  • Vacuum ergonomics frustrating
  • Loud and heavy

#4 BLACK+DECKER 3-in-1 Electric Leaf Blower

5 Best Most Powerful Electric Leaf Blower


The Black + Decker 12-amp blower/vacuum/mulcher is 3 in 1 device to sweep your lawn. It clears the yard easily from leaves and debris with 210 mph of blowing power.
You can select the right speed according to your task need with its 2 speed function. It can compress 10 bags of leaves into 1 bag with heavy duty mulching power.
You can use its blower mode which is the best option for sweeping debris from lawns, sidewalks, driveways, and decks. You can also use its vacuum mode which is suitable for cleaning leaves, twigs, clippings, and pine cones.
Its decibal rating is 69 dbA. Equipped with BV3100 blower VAC, Blow tube, vacuum tube, and collection bag. This Best Most Powerful Electric Leaf Blower has following fantastic features.

Look and Design:

  • 3 in 1 Machine: It is a leaf blower, mulcher, and also a vacuum. You can use its 3 in 1 function to sweep you lawn from debris.
    It can be converted from vacuum to blower and no tools are required for this purpose. It can also be converted from blower to vacuum to power through leaves + debris.
  • 210 mph Blow Speed: Having up to 210 mph blowing speed to make clearing debris easy and quick.
    Its mulching ratio is 10:1, means that it can compress 10 bags of leaves into 1 bag with its amazing mulching capability.
  • 2 Speed Switch: With its 2 speed function you can select the right power according to your need of each yard task.
  • 300 CFM: This is a best and ideal for clearing leaves, grass clipping, and other lawn debris. Also, comes with 35 litter leaf collection bag.
  • Cord Retainer: Featured with built-in cord retainer to keep the extension cord in place and plugged in for continual use.

  • Good quality blower
  • Easy to use and handy
  • Great deal for the price paid
  • Children friendly
  • Too heavy, not for large yard
  • Poor build quality

#5 GreenWorks Cordless Electric Leaf Blower

5 Best Most Powerful Electric Leaf Blower

GreenWorks Digi Pro Brushless Best Leaf Blower for 2020 provides a fantastic solution against gas powered blower. Featured with forceful brushless motor and having lower operating cost.
This blower has versatile features and zero emissions solution for sweeping the yard. Its innovative motor delivers up to 80% longer life, less noise and lower vibration for the comfort of the users.
Its 185 mph air speed, light weight, 340 CFM, ergonomic design, vacuum capability helps you in doing the work faster without any interruption.
With its G-Max 40V 4.0 ah battery that is sold separately, on a single charge it can clear and collect up to 4.5 bags of leaves easily. It is compatible with only this battery.
This Best Most Powerful Electric Leaf Blower has following superb features.

Look and Design:

  • Brushless Motor: This powerful motor gives you more run time and torque. Due to this, less wear and tear occurs and its useful life extends.
  • Variable Speed: With its variable speed function, its 185 blowing speed clears the dirt and debris easily and efficiently. Its mulching ratio is 10 : 1.
  • Blower/Vac: This versatile feature help you in getting your job done without any hassle and extra tools. Powerful enough to tackle damp and dry leaves.
  • 40V Battery: This lithium-ion technology battery has on-board battery life indicator and commanding power for its longer run time.
  • Push Button Start: Having an easy push to start button, turbo button and variable 6-speed dial.
  • Other Advantages: Operates smoothly and creates less noise. Very lightweight and maneuverable. One charge provides commanding power.

  • Quiet and compact
  • Full integrated yard equipment
  • Easy for woman and great for environment
  • Efficient and maneuverable
  • Horrible customer service
  • Faulty power accelerator

What is a good mph for a leaf blower?

The cordless and handheld leaf blowers are the lightest, easy to movable, and best for small and tight spaces. These handheld models have a good cfm from 350 to 600 integrated with air speeds of over 190 mph. On the contrary, the corded blowers have a cfm from 225 cfm at 60 mph to 470 cfm at 270 mph. But these are not recommended.

How do you maintain a leaf blower?

The electric leaf blowers need significantly less maintenance as compared to gas powered blowers. You have to just keep the fan, vent, air filter and clean regularly. Before use you must make sure that the battery is charged and the power cord of plug-in blowers is undamaged and no split or tears have occurred.

Is it safe to dry your car with a leaf blower?

Since an air blower is used to clear away any dust or debris that is fallen on ground. So, if you use this blower for drying your car on a dusty ground, then it can be a silly job. Because all the dust will be blown up in air and cover you still-wet car. Therefore, make sure that the ground is wet when you dry your car with a leaf blower.

How long do electric leaf blowers last?

Handheld leaf blowers come in two styles: • Corded electric leaf blower • Cordless or battery powered leaf blower The consumer warranty of corded is 2 years depending on its model and the cordless models have 3 to 5 years warranty also depending on its model.

Are leaf blowers worth it?

Most people gave a feedback that after buying their first leaf blower, with its blowing power their lawn work had completed within just a few minutes that normally lasted hours before. This amazing feature alone worth the buy as you will be able to enjoy and finish your lawn work quickly and spend more time with your family.


After the reviews of consumers, we concluded that electric leaf blowers are broadly regarded as the superior device in all 3 areas with lower emissions, quieter sound levels, and lower resulting effect to climate change. That’s why we recommend that you should use electric leaf blowers as compared to others.


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5 Best Most Powerful Electric Leaf Blower
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