Chasing Fireflies: A Novel of Discovery

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When paramedics find a malnourished six-year-old boy near a burning car that holds a dead woman, they wonder who he is – and why he won’t speak. From the New York Times best-selling author of The Mountain Between Us comes a story of self-discovery, healing, and hope.

On a stifling summer day, an old Chevy Impala ignored the warning signals and was annihilated by the oncoming train. What no one realized until much later was that the driver had paused just before entering the tracks and kicked a small boy out of the car. A small boy with broken glasses who is clutching a notebook with all his might…but who never speaks.

Chase Walker was one of the lucky ones. He was in foster care as a child, but he finally ended up with a family who loved him and cared for him. Now, as a journalist for the local paper, he’s moved on and put the past behind him. But when he’s assigned the story of this young boy, painful, haunting questions about his own childhood begin to rise to the surface.

And as Chase Walker discovers, learning the truth about who you are can be as elusive – and as magical – as chasing fireflies on a summer night.

Praise for Chasing Fireflies:

“Colorful, memorable characters; Southern regional flavor that’s drop-dead accurate; and lyrical, intelligent writing make Chasing Fireflies an exceptionally good read.” (Aspiring Retail)

“Martin understands the power of story and he uses it to alter the souls and lives of both his characters and his readers.” (Patti Callahan HenryNew York Times best-selling author)

  • Full-length emotive Southern fiction
  • Also by Charles Martin: The Water KeeperThe Mountain Between UsSend Down the Rain, and When Crickets Cry

Chasing FirefliesChasing Fireflies

Chasing FirefliesChasing Fireflies

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Travel to a sleepy town square in Georgia, where a 7-year-old child sells lemonade to raise funds for a heart transplant, an onlooker watches, and a speeding truck comes around the bend, changing both lives forever.

When paramedics find a malnourished 6-year-old boy near a burning car that holds a dead woman, they wonder who he is and why he won’t talk. Chase, a small-town journalist, is assigned to cover the story and investigate the boy’s identity.

Photographer Tucker Mason has traveled the world, capturing things other people don’t see. But he’s blind to one thing: how to forgive his father. Returning to the Southern estate where he and his brother were raised, things begin to change.

Singer/songwriter Cooper O’Connor thought he could make it big and lost everything in Nashville. After he survives being shot and left to die in a fire, he can no longer sing or play music. Will he find hope and healing when he returns home?

Allie is recovering from a fire that destroyed her family’s restaurant, as well as her husband’s accidental death. After a bittersweet reunion with her childhood sweetheart, emerging secrets threaten to destroy hope for their second chance at love.

A retired priest, Murphy Shepherd lives alone on an island tending the grounds for a church with no parishioners. On a mission to help a friend, he meets a woman searching for her daughter who may have been abducted into the world of trafficking.

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