Faithful Supply 50 Plastic Cutlery Packets – Heavy Duty Knife Fork Spoon Napkin Salt Pepper Sets – White Plastic Silverware – Individually Wrapped Kits – Bulk Utensil Set Disposable To Go (White 50)

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Price: $25.97
(as of Oct 16,2021 05:10:16 UTC – Details)

HAVE YOU EVER BEEN IN A BIND FOR TIME? HAVE YOU EVER BEEN STRESSED OUT ABOUT GETTING READY FOR A PARTY OR MEAL PREP? CAN FIND THE PARTY SUPPLIES YOU NEED? That’s where Faithful Supply’s Individually Wrapped Cutlery Kits can help you save time and money. Each one of our disposable cutlery sets comes as a wrapped cutlery kit including a heavy duty 7.5″ knife, 7″ fork, 6.25″ spoon, a 12″ x 12″ single ply napkin and single use salt and pepper packets. In addition, as each of these are heavy duty plastic ware utensils, you can count on these plastic silverware packets meeting not only your party needs but these are perfect for packing in your lunch at work or at school. BUT WHAT ABOUT THE ENVIRONMENT? AREN’T I JUST ADDING TO THE PROBLEM? The good news is that all parts of these plastic silverware sets individually wrapped are completely recyclable. The plastic utensils set are made of recyclable polypropylene while the napkin is 100% paper. The wrapper is also recyclable and the salt and pepper packets are 100% paper based and will compostable and breakdown in landfills and home composting units.

Individually Wrapped – Each kit is wrapped in a plastic package. This is more sanitary than having bulk packaging. Customers and staff are able to grab what they need without touching the cutlery directly. Each plastic cutlery bulk set comes bagged in 50 packets per case.
Full Dinnerware / Lunchware Set – This set includes a knife, fork, spoon, napkin, and salt & pepper packets. You can provide your guests with everything they need to enjoy their meal! Great for quick grab-and-go applications, this wrapped cutlery pack is a cleaner alternative to unwrapped plasticware. Plus, since it’s all disposable, you won’t have to worry about collecting and cleaning silverware at the end of meal service.
Heavy Duty Construction – Each piece of cutlery is built to hold up throughout the entire meal to help minimize breakage, bending, and snapping for a hassle-free dining experience. The classic white color also complements any decor for added versatility.
Napkin, Salt, and Pepper Included – In addition to the cutlery provided in this pack, a 12″ x 12″ dinner napkin is also included for guests to use throughout their meal. Guests will also appreciate the ability to add seasoning to their to-go meals with the included salt and pepper packets.
Disposable and 100% recyclable – The plastic utensils are made of recyclable polypropylene, the napkin is 100% paper, & the wrapper is also recyclable. The salt and pepper packets are 100% paper based and are compostable and will breakdown in landfills & home composting units.

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