How Did Adele Lose Weight

How did adele lose weight
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Adele Lose Weight

How did adele lose weight

Singer Adele lost weight. A change that she would have initiated for a good reason, and not just for aesthetic reasons.

We know: Adele has lost about twenty pounds . At the origin of this spectacular physical transformation? A radical change in lifestyle, combining Pilates and fitness classes provided by renowned coaches , but also a more balanced diet , based on a SirtFood diet .

ut the real reasons for Adele’s weight loss would not be aesthetic: the main goal of the performer of Hello ? Be in good health . This is in any case what reveals the American magazine People .

Adele “was not feeling well”

Her new way of life would have its origin in the “malaise” of the singer, separated for a few months from the father of her son.

“She got to a point where she didn’t feel good. She knew she had to change something because she wants to be the healthiest mom possible,” an anonymous source close to the singer told People .

Adele’s physical metamorphosis would therefore only be a consequence of her new, healthier habits.

“It wasn’t about losing weight . But she lost it because she quit drinking alcohol and eating more ‘real food’.” And for good reason: the diet she would have adopted, called “Sirtfood diet”, consists mainly of eating foods containing sirtuins, a family of enzymes found in foods such as apples , soybeans , citrus fruits , onion , tea or even olive oil .

Changes thanks to which the singer seems more fulfilled: “She enjoys her physical transformation. She is more confident, dresses differently and simply seems happier overall,” concludes the source close to Adele.

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