Japan Visa For Pakistan 2020

Japan visa for Pakistan
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Going from Pakistan to Japan can be an amazing trip. Japan is an attractive country for overseas to visit and stay. It is the 11th most populous country in the world. Also a great power and a member of numerous international organizations. You can find complete information about Japan visa for Pakistan.

Japan visa for Pakistan

Pakistani citizens have a different set of application documents and rules to apply for Japan visa. Guidelines for getting a visa to travel to Japan are different from visiting the Schengen area. If you are a perm/temp resident, then applying for a visa same as a citizen. Otherwise apply for a separate application.

Japan Visa For Pakistan Requirements

Documents required for Japan visa for Pakistan are listed below:

  1. Pakistani Passport:

                        Provide your valid passport. Check that there is a blank page for a stamp and another blank page.

  1. Application Form:

                          Submit your signed application form filled with complete and correct information.

  1. Photograph:

                         You must provide passport size photograph.

  1. Identity Card:

                         Attach your national identity card approved by NADRA. This card shows your identity.

  1. Financial Statement:

                        Provide a valid financial statement which shows that you have enough income or sources through which you can afford your expenses.

  1. Documents of those you are visiting if going to see family or friends.
  1. Letter of Invitation:

                          You must be provide a letter of invitation.

  1. Student Card or Certification of Employment:

                        Provide your student card if you have, otherwise you should submit your certification of employment.

After submitting your application consult with an agency that can set up an appointment for you with the Japanese Embassy or you set up the appointment by yourself. Also note that you complete your application form with all required documents.

Process of Application

The steps of the process of applying for Japan visa for Pakistan are as follows:

  1. Signed application form.
  2. Set up appointment with Japan embassy.
  3. Make sure all documents are ready and complete.
  4. Wait for 5-7 working days to have visa delivered.

Japan Visa For Pakistan 2020
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Japan Visa For Pakistan 2020
Going from Pakistan to Japan can be an amazing trip. Here you can find complete information about Japan visa for Pakistan 2020.
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