The Right Way to Lose Weight

Right Way To Lose Weight
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The right way to lose weight: The biggest mistakes when losing weight

All sorts of myths about losing weight romp around in dream body Olympus. However, many diets contain mistakes that prevent you from losing weight permanently. We dispel common and persistent diet myths.

Here We are gonna talk about how to lose weight naturally and how to lose weight fast and easily?

Right Way To Lose Weight


In times of Low carb diet cereals, bread, rice, and pasta are frowned upon as fattening foods. However, whole grain products are anything but unhealthy. Slow, high-quality carbohydrates – also known as slow carbs – keep you full for a long time and are rich in B vitamins, fiber, and trace elements.

They are therefore allowed in moderation and in combination with proteins and plenty of vegetables. However, you should avoid empty calories from wheat flour in pasta and bread, pizza, sweets, chips, cakes, etc.


The Fast serves to relieve the digestive system. Often you lose weight while fasting due to the low-calorie intake, but this is not to be understood as a diet, as the yo-yo effect is programmed.

Rather, fasting can be used as an introduction to a healthier life or for a change in diet. However, the same applies to intermittent fasting.

This means that a short period of fasting is integrated into everyday life and can thus lead to better nutrition and weight loss. We have explained intermittent fasting in detail in this article: No carbohydrates in the evening

Sweet cupcakes with cream are allowed from time to time.
Do not strictly forbid yourself to do anything to avoid food cravings.


Sure, the sugar in candy doesn’t help you and this one is the also right way to lose weight. However, it is also a fact that you lose motivation quickly or understood cravings suffer if you forbid yourself to eat what you love.

So it is far better to treat yourself to a piece of chocolate every now and then or a piece of cake once a week. In this way, the inner sweet tooth can be satisfied without directly consuming too much sugar and calories.

lose weight fast and easy


Some recommend many small meals, the other three main meals. The fact is that the blood sugar level rises after every meal and so more insulin is produced.

It can therefore be helpful to avoid snacks between meals.

Whether you ultimately lose weight is not related to the number of meals, but to how many calories you ingested and how many calories you burned through exercise through this method you can lose weight fast in 2 weeks.

This difference is also called the calorie deficit. If you eat fewer calories in a day than you use, you inevitably lose weight.

This deficit should always be a factor in determining when and how to eat. fresh, homemade pizza. Vegetarians can also eat unhealthily with pizza, chips, and the like.


Just by not eating meat and fish you don’t necessarily lose weight, because pizza and chips can also be vegetarian, and vegetables can just as easily be baked with cheese.

So there are enough possibilities to eat unhealthy vegetarian food. Rather, the reason that many vegetarians are slim is that they are mostly themselves eat more consciously, pay attention to quality, do sports, and avoid unnecessary luxury foods.


Unfortunately, that does not work! While muscles can be specifically trained, fat burns holistically.

So this means that you don’t specifically lose weight on your stomach through sit-ups. However, muscles are the number one fat killer, which is why full-body strength training included if you want to lose fat.

lose weight fast and easy

The reason for this is that more muscles consume more energy and you can get into the calorie deficit more easily, so you can lose weight more easily and quickly at the same time.

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“Scientifically unsustainable” is the verdict of the German Nutrition Society with regard to the success of the diet Food combining.

So it is not the separation of carbohydrates and proteins that helps you lose weight, but the total number of calories.

However, since food combining recommends consuming plenty of fruit and vegetables at every meal instead of proteins or carbohydrates, many people lose weight with food combining.

  • Stir-fry vegetables with spices
  • Fewer calories through more vegetables and fruits.


Beware of hidden calorie traps! Many manufacturers replace conventional sugar with starch, fructose, and syrup for low-sugar sweets.

That sounds healthier, but it doesn’t prevent calories. In addition, the light products often make you less full and you, therefore, eat more of them.

So it makes a lot of sense here for some products, such as yogurt or cheese, to use the normal variants and eat less.

So you have full enjoyment and still have a number of calories that are still within limits.

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